How to fix Telus Email 29 Aug

How to fix Telus Email?

A Quick Guide To Fix Telus Email Unable To Work In An iPhone Device

There are times when Telus users update their iPhone's software to the latest version, and this may also lead their Telus account not able to work properly. However, this usually happens when their old account settings do not support the latest version. Now, in such a case, users are required to update their settings as well, and sometimes it is done manually. Here's how.

Telus mail not Working on iPhone

Fixing Telus Email Issues On iPhone: Updating Settings

Follow the steps mentioned below to update the settings by reading your Telus account into your Apple device. This will help you fix the Telus email account not working problem without any hassle.

�         Launch the iPhone�s Settings app, select Accounts & passwords, and then choose Add account.

�         Here, select Other, then Add Mail Account and then enter the following info of your Telus account:

o   Your name

o   Telus email address

o   Email Password

o   Account's description

�         Now, select Next and then Done after your Telus email account finds your email settings.

�         Alternatively, you'll need to enter the settings manually, if still your Telus mail not working on iPhone. Here's how.

Telus email account not working

Once you have entered your Telus email address & password in the Add account section, then tap Next and select IMAP settings, and then mention the following information:

o   Incoming Mail Server

o   Outgoing Mail Server

o   Hostname is

o   Username is your

o   Password is your Telus Webmail password

Finally, select Save to use your Telus account.

Moreover, you can also check your internet connection to see if it supporting your webmail activities or else contact tech support to get assistance from professionals on fixing the Telus email account not working issue.

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