Yahoo Account Lost

Methods for Recover lost Yahoo Account

Yahoo is a free online email service provider with products such as maps, movies, photos and technology and services like yahoo directory, yahoo mail, yahoo news and yahoo groups as well as in case of Yahoo Account Lost the process of recovery is also available. With Yahoo account user can send and receive mails and communicate with people in all over the world.

Advantages of Yahoo Account

  1. Yahoo mail account gives more free storage. User can have 1TB of storage to hold emails and files.
  2. Yahoo account saves all emails onlines, not on your desktop so that emails won't take hard disk space and user can save hard disk space.
  3. User can scan all the emails before read them with "norton virus scan".
  4. User don’t need to download "Yahoo Messenger" for chat.
  5. Provide the Account Recovery facility for Yahoo Account Lost.

Yahoo Account Lost Recovery

Method to Recover Yahoo Account:

Yahoo is the biggest and free service that gives several of benefits. Sometimes when Yahoo Account Lost and create some errors due to virus or other reasons.

Here, are some methods user can use, when his Yahoo Account lost:

Method 1- In case use forgot his password:

  • If user forgot his password or Yahoo Account Lost, user can easily reset account password by following simple steps:
  • First user need to visit homepage of Yahoo, and click on the "I can't access my account".
  • Yahoo will give the user three options of problem, they need to choose the "i have a problem with my password".
  • Then user need to fill the current Yahoo ID, and click on the "next" button.
  • User will be ask to confirm the email will be sent to his alternative email address. Then click on the "next" and user will get a password reset link.
  • User need to use the link and reset his password to recover his account in case of Yahoo Account Lost.

Recover your Yahoo Account Lost

Method 2- If user forgot Yahoo Account ID:

  • User need to visit main page of Yahoo and click i can’t access my account.
  • Choose the "i forgot my yahoo ID".
  • Enter the alternative email address and phone number and click on "next".
  • Then user will get a CAPCHA Code, enter that in required field.
  • User will receive a mail or a text of his ID.

These two are the simplest method to use for Recover Yahoo Account Lost. After applying these methods if user still can’t recover his account, then he can get help from Yahoo professionals. They provides quick suggestions for your query like Yahoo Account Lost and resolve the problem.

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