How to Talk to a Person at FedEx Customer Service? 28 Jun

How to Talk to a Person at FedEx Customer Service?

FedEx Corporation, an American multinational delivery system has now become a brand in transnational delivery. It is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. But during the facilitation of the delivery system, there are many issues that can hinder its effective processing. It is important to consider those effects for easy & effective delivery. For resolving the problems we have to contact FedEx. In this article, we will discuss different ways of contacting the FedEx corporation for various doubts & queries.

FedEx Live Person

Ways of contacting the FedEx

These are the below-mentioned ways of contacting the Corporation. Read the guidelines carefully:

Via Telephone: 

  1. For contacting the Customer Support Service of the corporation you have to make a call to the service number. You can easily find the Customer service number of the corporation on the contact page of its website

  2. After making the call you will be redirected to the member of the Customer Support team.

  3. In the third step, you will hear various instructions for typing the keys which are related to your problems & doubts.

  4. There are different numbers for the different doubts or the service you want like the billing inquiries, Freight services and much more..

  5. The phone numbers are operated on a timely basis like 7:30 am to 7:30 pm EST (Monday to Friday) & 7:30 m to 5:30 pm EST(Saturday -Sunday).

  6. Finally, tell all your doubts to the Customer service member and they will definitely resolve them.

Via Virtual Support Assistant:

  1. You can also contact the FedEx corporation by using the method of virtual support assistance. The choice is preferred by many people.

  2. It can be performed by starting a live chat session with the representative on

  3. You can share your queries on this platform in a more effective manner.

Via Social Media:

Social media is emerging as an effective source for communication and FedEx corporation is also available on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Youtube:

  1. You can contact the customer service team on the Facebook page which is FedEx.Facebook. page. In this method, the representative will reply to you in half an hour.

  2. You can also reach the team via its Twitter page FedEx.Twitter. page. It may also attract more viewers by contacting them through this method.

  3. Photos can also be viewed on

  4. You can also view the videos FedEx.Youtube. page

FedEx Customer Service

In this article, we noticed that there are different methods of contacting FedEx Live Person and we can use any method according to our problem.

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