Google Assistant not Working 22 Apr

Google Assistant not Working Properly

Issues and fixes of Google assistant not working

Google assistant is the virtual assistance which has the artificial assistance as well and is a product of Google. This Google product is available on the mobile and other smart devices.

This Google service can be utilized for saving the effort and time. In this, the user has to say something in the mic and then the Google search will show the result for the same. This service is widely used by the smart phone users. In case the user is facing the issue of Google assistant not working.

Provided steps which are mentioned can help to fix Google Assistant not Working:

Google Assistant not Responding

  • The user is required to check if the Google Assistant is turned ON or not. On the android devices, the user needs to touch and hold the Home button. If the message is displayed for the help, it means Google assistant is ON. If not, then it can be turned ON.
  • In the next step, the OK Google service needs to be turned ON so that it can be used by the Google users.
  • The Google app update can be checked in the android device. If any update is there, it should be done as it will make the device compatible with all the applications and software.
  • The user needs to save the voice in the device and teach the Google to recognize the saved voice.
  • In order to check if the issue is fixed or not, the user needs to say OK Google. In case of loud area, the background can be turned off to check if it is working or not.

These were some steps about how to resolve the Google Assistant not Working issues any moment.

Google Assistant not Working Properly

In the case of Google assistant not responding or google assistant not working properly, the below mentioned fixes can be tried:

  • The very first solution to the issue is to retrain the voice model. If the Google is unable to recognize user’s voice, it needs to be retrained.
  • The cache of Google app might be causing the issue of Google assistant not responding. For this, the user has to clear the cache in the Google app.
  • If the above fixes do not work, the user can try reinstalling the Google app in the android device.
  • The user can check the option of language settings in the android phone which is available in the Settings option of the phone after you found google assistant not working properly.
  • Finally the option of mic check is there, in which the user has to check the mic of the device. The microphone might be faulty.

For more assistance on Google services, the help experts on Google can be contacted which can be reached by the contact details mentioned on website about Google Assistant not Working.

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