How Do I Reset My PayPal Password and Security Questions 10 Jun

How Do I Reset My PayPal Password and Security Questions?

Resetting PayPal Password Without Knowing Security Questions & Changing Account Password: Guide

PayPal is the oldest and most known online fund transaction platform that is used by billions of users across the world. It not only enables them to send & receive money but also lets them manage their accounts virtually. PayPal is completely safe and reliable and uses password authentication security for users to get access to their accounts. However, it also uses different security information such as phone numbers, email addresses, and most importantly security questions.

How can I Reset my PayPal Password without Security Questions?

Now, if you are someone who has forgotten your PayPal account’s password then you can quickly use your security questions to recover your account. But if you even don’t know the security questions then you’ll be left with the one question that is how can I reset my PayPal password without security questions. Hence, read this article further to know how to this. Besides, you’ll also get to know how to change your PayPal account’s password while you have access to it.

Quick Methods For PayPal Account Recovery Without Security Questions

Password Recovery Via Using Phone Number- PayPal

  • Open your web browser, visit the PayPal official website, and navigate to the Log In section.
  • Select the “Having trouble logging in?” option and then enter the email address linked to your account.
  • Click Next and then select your phone number mentioned on the screen and then choose the option through which you wish to get the verification code – via text or call.
  • Receive the code and mention it on the recovery page.
  • Hereafter, verify your credit card number and then follow the onscreen instructions to verify your account ownership.

Password Recovery Via Using Email Address - PayPal

  • Visit the PayPal official website and hit the “Having trouble logging in?” link.
  • Type-in the email address that is linked with your PayPal account and then selects the next option.
  • Pick the email address linked with your PayPal account from the screen and then get the verification code.
  • Get access to your PayPal recovery email account then copy the code.
  • Enter the copied code in the provided field and then follow the onscreen instructions to create a new password.

How do I Change My PayPal Password?

Steps To Quick Change The PayPal Account Password

 If you have been wondering how do I change my PayPal password even though you know the password then here’s what you need to do.

  • Log in to your PayPal account with the current password and move to the Settings section.
  • Here, navigate to the Profile section and then to the security.
  • Select Security, then choose an updated password and then enter the current/old password.
  • Type the new password (twice) and then select the Save button to update the changes.

For more information on how can I reset my PayPal password without security questions & other queries, contact tech-support and get assistance.

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