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How do I set up Google Voice?

If you are using Google voice for the first time, then it has many benefits. With this, you can make domestic and international calls from your system like desktop and mobile. Even with this, you can get the easy and low rate calls that make the process quite easy and help in better communication. You can install this on your system, but for this, you need to direct some steps mentioned below. 

Steps to set up Google voice 

There are certain steps that are easy to follow, and you can process this online. 

  • First, you have to open a browser that should be updated and make sure you do not open multiple tabs. 
  • Now go to the search engine and search for 
  • Here you can see the sign-in page, where you need to mention the same account that you are operating. Though you can change it too when making sure you have that account. 
  • When you sign in with your account, then after a few seconds, you can see some terms and conditions. You can read them and click on the “submit” option. 
  • Here you might read about “privacy” and then continue with the page. 
  • On this page, you can search about numbers that are available, though you cannot pick a number from 1 to 800. But, apart from this, you can choose anyone. It might happen that you don’t have any number in your region or area. But Google voice is something that let you search number by nearby city or area code. 
  • Once you select the number, then you can click on the “select” option. 
  • Next, you can see some of the screen instructions and follow them. Make sure you can agree with the instruction, and you have to follow them and when you reach the last step, then click on “Finish setup” 

How to install Google Voice App?

You must be wondering that how to install the google voice app on your iPhone. If yes, then you can follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Go to the mobile application store 
  • Search for Google voice app 
  • Then you have to download it and follow the instruction like agreeing with terms and conditions 
  • Now, you can see the application on your device, and rest, you can follow the above-mentioned points. 

Google Voice App for iPhone Free Download

By directing these steps, you can easily do a Google voice app download for iPhone and without going through a hectic process. If you face any kind of issue while running this process, then you can go to the support person and get full assistance. 

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