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How to Add Contacts to Gmail?

Gmail is one of the widely used products of Google. Even they offer many services and to access them one need a Gmail account. There are many things one can do with it and the major one is saving contacts. 

Many Gmail users are not aware of this function, even those who are using it for a longer time. But, Google not only lets you share messages or sending and receiving mails but saves contacts too. With this function, you can create a better and quick connection with senders. 

How to Add Gmail contacts on iPhone or iPad?

If you are a new user or want to leverage this function and looking for how can I add Gmail contacts on iPhone or iPad? then direct the below-mentioned steps. 

Steps To Add Contacts to Your Gmail on Your iPhone and iPad

You must be wondering that the process must be troublesome, but Gmail made the process easy. With easy to use interface, you can effortlessly add contacts. But, make sure you follow every step discussed below. 

  • First of all, go to the Gmail page on iPhone. You can open it on your devices, like desktop, mobile, and tablet 
  • Provide the login information, like login ID and current password 
  • Once you log in and then click on the mail inbox. Here you can see all the emails that you have received from the sender 
  • To see all the mails, click on the Inbox, and here you can go through the complete mails without a filter 
  • Now, select the sender message or mail. Though you cannot directly add, you have to look for the mail. It is imperative to check the person is known or authentic
  • After finding the senders mails or one which you want to add to your contact  
  • Now, you can see the three dots on the extreme right top
  • Click on the three dots and you can see different options here, among them there will be the “Add to contacts” option 
  • Select it and Gmail will automatically add the contacts to your contact list 
  • You can find it in your Google contact and it will refresh every second

How to Add New Gmail Contact?

You can see how can I add new Gmail Contacts without making the process hectic and difficult. Even Google lets you change the details so that you can better recognize the contact, add more details about the person, like phone number, Gmail, and address. It makes the contacts stronger and you can connect with him through different platforms. 

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