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How to Change Google Account Recovery Phone Number

Google account generally known as Gmail is emailing service served by Google. There are millions of Gmail users and growing everyday. Email is something which is essential these days to do anything online rather than just surfing the internet, especially when someone buys a new android phone, it is mandatory to have a Google account to use Play Store in android phones.

What if there comes a day when you forgot your gmail password or you are away from your home computer in which you have saved the password but now somewhere else you want to use Gmail account and you are unable to remind yourself with the password? You may contact Google account recovery phone number. But if you would have registered your mobile number with your Google account, it would be much more easier to access your account anywhere anytime with no hard efforts. Anytime if you want to chnage that then can follow the instructions for How to Change Google Account Recovery Phone Number mentioned below.

Setting up a recovery phone number could be the best thing you can do today, if you haven't already.

Change your Google Account Recovery Phone Number

A Google Account Recovery phone number will anyway help you to reset your password in case you forget your that. If someone else is using your account without your knowledge, you will get to know instantly. In case, Google locked you out of your account due to more than limited failed attempts of sign in. If you had changed your phone number, you should change Change your Google Account Recovery Phone Number too, immediately.

Following are the Steps to Change a Google Account Recovery Phone Number:

  • Sign in to your Google account.
  • Go to settings and click on "Accounts and Import".
  • Click on "Change password recovery options".
  • A new tab will open, scroll down a little and you will see "Account recovery options".
  • Click on "Recovery phone".
  • It will ask you to log in again.
  • Once you login again, you would be able to change your recovery phone -Next to your number, click on "Edit".
  • Provide your new number and save the changes.

How to Change Google Phone Number

It is recommended to use a number that is able to get text messages, that you keep with you and use regularly. A number which is personally belongs to you if not then follow the procedure for how to change Google Phone Number. Adding a Google Account recovery phone number is helpful in getting codes from Google to get into your account. To get notifications if someone is using your account who is not authenticated. It helps you to secure your account and to prove that the account belongs to you. So, hopefully the solution must be found for How to Change Google Account Recovery Phone Number here only.

Amogelang June 20, 2019

I forgotten my Google account and I reset my phone and it want Google account so can you please send me google help

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