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How to Unblock My Gmail Account?

Are you the user who thinks that your Gmail account is blocked because of which you are not able to use the account? Then you shall not panic as this is very common when there is some suspected activity from your account. This might not be done by you but by someone who tried to perform any function from the account. 


Gmail Account Unblock

However, if you want to know how to unblock my Gmail account on mobile then you can refer to the steps mentioned below for your reference. The experts are present on the various platforms so that they can resolve the issue of maximum users.  

Can you get locked out of your Gmail account?

Steps to Unblock my Gmail Account! 

To unblock your Gmail account you can simply unblock the blocked address that you might have done. And the steps related to it are mentioned below. 

  1. Start by opening a preferred web browser and head over to the Gmail login page from the search bar. 

  2. Then enter the username and password in the required space and tap “Next”. 

  3. After a few seconds, you get to see the inbox displayed in front of you. Choose the option of “Settings” from the top right corner. 

  4. And then click on the “Filters and Blocked” address” option. 

  5. You will be seeing the list of the addresses that you blocked. Tap on the once that you want to unblock and when you see the options click “Confirm”. 

Therefore, with the above steps, you come to know how to unblock your Gmail account address. And if you want to unblock a person and do not know how to unblock someone on Gmail then you can follow the steps below. 

How to Unblock Someone on Gmail?

The process to Unblock Someone from Gmail Account! 

  1. Open a web browser and head over to the Gmail login page from the search bar at the top of the page. 

  2. From the new page that is displayed in front of you, enter the username and password of your Gmail account and tap “Next” 

  3. Now you will land on the inbox of Gmail and you need to tap on your name from the top-right corner. From here you need to select the “Manage my Google Account” option. 

  4. You will be landing on the new page with some of the personal information. And you need to tap on the “People and Sharing” option from the left tab that gets displayed in front of you. 

  5. Now, on the screen, you will see the details of your contacts on your Google account. Check the same scroll down to find Blocked Contacts or People” option. 

  6. Tap on the one and when you see the list of contacts blocked, tap on their names so that you can unblock them and tap the “Save my Settings” option. 

Therefore, with the help of the above steps, you get to know about the Gmail account unblock the addresses or contacts. And now you can cross-check whether the person is able to send the email or not. 

For any further assistance or help you are free to contact the customer service of Gmail that is 24/7 active.

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