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Why My Email is Not Working

Email has now become an indispensable part of everyone's life. With the email service, one could not only send or read messages but also attach the work files and various records to go with. In this digital world, many different emails are introduced for the users namely Google mail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc. All the email inbox and its functions are unique in itself. Some have the easy user interface, some respond quickly to the commands and some have maximum space of storage. For every different user, every mail is best according to its needs and functionality.

It is a known fact that emails sometimes can encounter the issue that makes its users work with it. If you are wondering why my email is not working then you can read along to know the issue related to your email.

My email is not working Issues

While working with your email, you can face many known and sometimes unknown issues related to why my email is not working. Some of the most common issues can be discussed below.

  • Unable to receive or send messages.
  • Unable to view the attached file.
  • Dialogue box showing “Email is not working”.
  • Continuous asking username and password upon every activity.

Fix Why my email is not working

Above mentioned were some very common issues that you can discuss when you encounter why my email is not working issue. Some of the troubleshooting ways can be explained below.

Follow steps to fix why my email is not working

  • Check whether your email is properly connected to your wireless network. If not then switch off and then on the network as well as email.
  • If you are unable to receive or send messages then you can delete some unwanted and unimportant messages so that the inbox has enough space for new messages.
  • Check your incoming and outgoing server settings whether they have the correct information input on them.
  • Check whether you do not have any security conflict with your antivirus service as this might be the reason for your email not working.
  • You can check if the billing cycle is completed or not.
  • You can also contact with your respective email support for help as it might be that your email server is not responding or under maintenance by technicians.

After reading the above possible issue and instructions you can feel free to contact your respective email support for help and assistance related to why my email is not working.

Marie December 01, 2018

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